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Mirror Symphonia

1200 x 800 mm other dimensions available on request
Product features
exclusive mirror without any scratches (four-step control of the product)
thickness of the mirror amouting to as much as 5mm and modern technology makes the reflection similar to the 3D image
lightweight design (weight up to 10kg)
mirror is protected against uncontrolled downloading from the wall
sticks out from the wall just 2.5 cm
LED lighting
mirror has a heating mat to prevent fogging
proximity detector providing non-contact light switch
mirror made of environmentally friendly materials
extremely precise sandblasting
five-layered packaging carton made of cardboard
Technical information
Mirror Symphonia
Available dimensions
1000x600mm, 1200x800mm, 800x600mm,
other dimensions available on request
Shipping: 7 days

Motion detector

Heating mat

Self-regulating hangers


Magnifying mirror

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